Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements)  Regulations, 2015

Date Particulars Open
13-04-2024   Intimation Of The Commissioning of 1.304 MW Roof Top Solar Power Plant For Captive Consumption
01-09-2023   Intimation of Revised Credit Rating
14-08-2023   Permanent Closure of Operations at Company Textile Division
03-08-2023   Notice to Shareholders – Newspaper Advertisement
30-05-2023   Outcome of Board Meeting
14-11-2022   Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel
02-09-2022   Partially stop the production in the FIBC Division
17-08-2022   Intimation of Reaffirmed Credit Rating
13-08-2022   Partially stop the production in the FIBC Division
06-08-2022   Partially stop the production in the FIBC Division
29-07-2022   Partially stop the production in the FIBC Division
22-07-2022   Temporary Closure of Operations
27-05-2022   Outcome of Board Meeting
27-05-2022   Appointment of Statutory Auditor
25-03-2022   Outcome of Board Meeting
23-02-2022   Intimation of Resignation of Independent Director
23-02-2022   Intimation of Resignation of Non-Executive Director
07-01-2022   Outcome of Board Meeting
24-09-2021   Temporary Closure of Operations
25-06-2021   Stop the production of Paper Bags
25-06-2021   Outcome of Board Meeting
12-02-2021   Outcome of Board Meeting
09-11-2020   Outcome of Board Meeting
09-09-2020   Outcome of Board Meeting
25-06-2020   Outcome of Board Meeting
17-06-2020   Impact of COVID 19
05-05-2020   COVID
05-05-2020   Resumption of Operations
30-03-2020   Shutdown of Factories
24-10-2019   Settlement of Fire Claim
23-09-2019   Change in Director
06-06-2018   Resumption of Factory after fire
04-06-2018   Fire Accident information to Stock Exchange
24-01-2018   Demise of Company Secretary
24-07-2017   Outcome of Board Meeting

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