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  • Proper blend of experience and expertise, along with updated process improvement team allow us to embrace semi-automation with product development.
  • All workers being permanent (no contractual), ensures continuous process training in skill development, leading to better yield and quality of finished product.
  • All queries are replied within 24 hours if clarifications are not required, otherwise in 48 hours.
  • Plant in close proximity to port, optimising cost of internal haulage of both Export and Import.


    Recently, we have been able to achieve better shipment times with

  • Better Line balancing of bag assembly sewing lines dedicated to different models of bags.
  • Achieving better movement of inputs between different departments internally by efficient bar-coded supply chain.
  • Testing

  • PP Tape width & strength is checked for 2 hours.
  • Fabric width is measured every 4 hours, while strength and grammage per shift of 8 hours.
  • Webbing strength, width meter weight checked every 8 hours.
  • UV retention is checked continuously for different GSMs.
  • UV degradation is checked every 300 hours.
  • Top lift test is conducted for every batch of ordered item before taking up for assembly.
  • Can provide in-house test certificate for every PO, for all ordered items.


  • The recent capacity addition has given us the ability to average our fixed overheads, thus paving way for providing competitive bag prices.
  • The increased volume of PP usage has improved our ability to negotiate better price and terms with the PP suppliers.
  • Ability to easily scale the bag assembly department with men (better labour availability due to rural location), machine and space, has helped us mop the expanded capacity at a faster pace.
  • With completion of BRC certification, we are able to serve a wider market of food safe big bag requirements, thus making us a one-stop shop.

  • Our traceability trail is from Pallet to Pellet (PP granules).
  • With efficient Barcoding systems at all stages of production, it enables us to better effective tracking.
  • With the bag number, we can track the sewing machine/specific tailor/the weaving loom/batch of PP granules used for production of any specific bag.
  • Detailed documentation of production and quality readings at every stage of production.


  • PP Multifilament Yarn Plant : in June 2019, we installed a high tenacity PP MF yarn production unit which would support us in optimising supply chain.
  • New bag Assembly Space : Added an additional capacity of 20% bag assembly space enabling us to support in achieving model wise ear-marked bag assembly areas.
  • Automation of possible processes : We have initiated efforts to automate many of the assembly department and supply chain related activities, to achieve reduction in labour head count and bring in quality consistency in the processes.
  • Investing in lean management and behavior modification : We have roped in Operation Excellence consultants on a long term horizon, to improve our Quality Systems in Product, Process and Procedures, by suitably modifying behavioural commitment towards company‚Äôs common goals and vision.
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